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25 May 2010

According to Chinese zodiac philosophy, whether you're a rat or a monkey, you know you have endearingly admirable attributes along with some areas that could do with a little work. Chuan Spa has unveiled 12 new treatments, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are designed to counter your less-favourable qualities while exemplifying the positive.

Each treatment is tailored specifically to suit your zodiac sign says Chuan Spa manager Sheryl Wan: "Our Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist looked at the qi, wu xing (five elements) and yin and yang energies carried by each sign. The result is 12 fun and luxurious specialised treatments."

Price at HK$1,288 per person, each treatment lasts 90-minutes. This oriental indulgence is available until 2 February 2011 and reservations are essential. Call +852 3552 3510 or email
Below is what lies in wait at Chuan Spa for each Chinese Zodiac:

The Rat
Looks like someone's getting some sweet loving this year! Your treatment is all about leaving you radiating with luminosity inside and out - a reflection of this year of love. For inner harmony and outward glow, the signature Chuan Harmony massage is combined with the luxurious rose hydrating facial.
- Chuan Harmony massage 45 minutes
- Rose hydrating facial 45 minutes

The Ox
Yikes - you could do with a bit of enthusiasm, both for work and life! To boost that lack of enthusiasm, a personal training session should help invigorate your spirit and energy. To release a bit of tension, you'll finish with the signature Chuan Balancing massage, which uses acupressure techniques to release muscular tension and promote the circulation of the body's life force (qi) to aid healing.
- Personal training session 30 minutes
- Chuan Balancing massage 60 minutes

The Tiger
Hmmm like life in general, it looks like you’re set for a few ups and downs. To perform at your best, your treatment commences with moxibustion followed by the signature Chuan Balancing massage to find balance in all those ups and downs.
- Moxibustion treatment 30 minutes
- Chuan Balancing massage 60 minutes

The Rabbit
There are a few things rabbits are known for and this time we’re not talking about sex! The rabbit should look towards philosophy to find some positive changes. Your treatment will start with a gold leaf infused herbal salt scrub that is representative of money (here’s hoping you get a lot). This is followed by a Traditional Chinese massage to balance the flow of the body and mind. Lastly, Gua Sha will detoxify and provide a clear head to assist in that philosophical search.
- Gold leaf infused herbal salt scrub 15 minutes
- Traditional Chinese massage 45 minutes
- Gua Sha treatment 30 minutes

The Dragon
A focus on learning will bring you a considerable amount of success. For harmony and positive energy, the Chuan Hot Stone massage followed by a calming ice crystal facial will encourage concentration and promote inner peace to help keep your focus.
- Chuan Hot Stone massage 60 minutes
- Ice crystal facial 30 minutes

The Snake
Stubborn little thing aren’t you? To keep you level-headed, the Chuan Yin and Yang body scrub will have you primed while a Tai Chi massage will assist keeping your stubborn streak in check.
- Chuan Yin and Yang scrub 30 minutes
- Tai Chi massage 60 minutes

The Horse
Put down those chips! The horse is known to overfeed so now is the time to get exercising. To counteract the effects of over-eating, this treatment starts with a personal training session followed by a breathing ritual to aid the digestive system. A scrub and wrap session will indulge the horse and also awaken the five senses.
- Personal training session 30 minutes
- Breathing ritual 10 minutes
- Five-element herbal salt scrub 20 minutes
- Five-element mud wrap 30 minutes

The Goat
Show me the money – it looks like our goats are in for some good fortune. With good fortune can come stress. To reduce tension and keep your spirits high, a Traditional Chinese massage is followed by an ear auricular with an acupoint facial massage.
- Traditional Chinese massage 60 minutes
- Ear auricular with acupoint facial massage 30 minutes

The Monkey
Cheeky…and emotional! A Chuan Yin and Yang scrub is combined with a Traditional Chinese massage to balance the monkey emotionally while allowing mental clarity when taking risks.
- Chuan Yin and Yang scrub 30 minutes
- Traditional Chinese massage 60 minutes

The Rooster
The rooster will be facing a year of competition in career and love. As such, you need to elevate your endorphins for optimism and endurance. The perfect antidote is a personal training session and Deep Tissue massage.
- Personal training session 30 minutes
- Deep Tissue massage 60 minutes

The Dog
There will be ups and downs for the dog this year and it is crucial to tone down the brash attitude. Looks like you need some sweetening up! An indulgence with a chocolate scrub and wrap will keep you sunny-side up while a signature Chuan Harmony massage will ensure you remain balanced.
- Chocolate scrub 10 minutes
- Chocolate wrap 20 minutes
- Chuan Harmony massage 60 minutes

The Pig
All that sentimentalism looks set to pay off with some unexpected successes in work and love. The herbal salt scrub and the signature Chuan Balancing massage will keep you level headed through these good times and assist by detoxifying and releasing energy blocks while stimulating blood, acupoints and lymph circulation.
- Herbal salt scrub 30 minutes
- Chuan Balancing massage 60 minutes

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