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4 September 2009

It’s the season for women (yes, as is every season) at Chuan Spa in Hong Kong with the launch of a luxurious new Traditional Chinese Medicine moxibustion treatment promoting optimum female health.

For those who need brushing up on their Traditional Chinese Medicine, moxibustion is an ancient technique which involves the burning of a small, spongy Chinese herb, known as moxa, to facilitate healing and stimulate the flow of Qi.

Chuan Spa’s treatment commences with a simple ying and yang strength test followed by the application of moxibustion to the abdomen. In the comfort of Chuan Spa a trained therapist will light one end of a moxa stick and hold it close to an acupressure point for several minutes to bring about a pleasant deep-penetrating heat sensation.

Suitable for all women, the treatment stimulates blood-flow in the pelvic area and uterus, balancing hormones and promoting inner harmony.

The treatment is complemented with a Traditional Chinese Medicine facial using rose and geranium oils designed to perfect female hormonal balances.

Lasting one hour, 30 minutes, this process will provide balance and harmony. The treatment is HK$1,388 and includes three hour’s complimentary parking.

Reservations can be made by phoning 3552 3510.

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