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Hong Kong
Hand and Foot

Chuan Spa offers unforgettable hand and foot spa therapies along with a dazzling panoramic view of Kowloon within the stunning Chuan Touch Room.

Relax into one of our luxurious massage chairs with a variety of massage functions and a soothing heating cushion for a tired neck and shoulders, while your feet and hands are pampered.

1 hour 30 minutes

This unique Chuan Signature foot treatment is designed to maintain a healthy equilibrium between mind and body by optimising the blood and “Qi” flow, strengthening the immune system and promoting revitalisation. With the use of Jing Luo acupressure techniques and reflex points, along with Traditional Chinese herbs and hot stones, this treatment helps aid in detoxification, induce deep relaxation and nourishes the skin.
1 hour

Suppleness is restored to hard working hands with our warm oil and evening primrose scrub before the hands are wrapped in a nourishing mud mask. This deeply hydrating treatment continues with nurturing nail and cuticle care restoring beauty and radiance. Your hands will feel completely pampered as we complete the treatment with a massage application of aromatic hand lotion containing rose,
vetiver, lavender and vitamin E.
1 hour

This refreshing treatment enhances circulation and enlivens tired and aching feet. Relax as we immerse your feet in a warm aromatic foot compress, before softening the skin with the warm oil and herbal salt exfoliation. A foot mask infused with peppermint, lemon and cypress is then applied to revitalize the feet before the nurturing nail and cuticle care begins. Integrating the benefits of reflexology to release tension and clear energy blocks, your feet will be completely refreshed and pampered.
CHUAN REFLEX REMEDY (hand & foot treatment)
1 hour

Drawing on reflex points and integrating Chinese pressure point principles, this extremity indulgence integrates acupressure points that will work to address the elemental disharmony of your feet and hands - leaving you feeling totally rejuvenated and aids natural healing throughout the body.


Underarm, Chest, Back, Half leg or arm, Full leg or arm, Half leg and bikini, Full leg and bikini, Bikini, Upper lip, Eyebrow, Chin.

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It's time to rediscover and replenish your source! Book yourself in for a refreshing, revitalizing therapy now.